Get to know Dandy Walker's Syndrome

Dandy Walker's syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. This disease affects the development of the brain, especially the cerebellum. Sufferers will experience interference with coordination and body movements. In patients with Dandy-Walker syndrome, abnormalities occur in brain development, especially in the cerebellum and cerebral fluid channels. The cerebellum (cerebellum) is the part of the brain that helps regulate body movement coordination. Patients with Dandy-Walker syndrome who experience disorders of brain growth and development can experience disruption in the regulation of movement and coordination of the body, as well as problems with intellectual function. Not only in the brain, sufferers of Dandy-Walker syndrome can also experience disorders in other organs such as congenital heart disease, problems in the formation of the urinary tract, neck deformities, and birth defects. Symptoms of Dandy Walker's Syndrome Generally, the symptoms and signs of Dandy-Walker s
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